Louise Damas - Collections

Shéhérazade collection

Scheherazade is the narrator of the Thousand and One Nights tale, which mixes plural lives and endless stories.

This collection celebrates the many facets of today's woman through four medals with very different design.

Denise collection

Denise is the main character of one of the most emblematic Émile Zola’s novels: Au Bonheur des Dames. 

Telling the story of a young girl becoming a woman in the heart of the 19th Century Paris, this novel immerses us in the innovative world from another time, welcoming the brand new department stores.

Through 8 jewels, the Denise collection celebrates this young woman’s vintage world whose natural authority favours her strong ambition.

Madeleine collection

Character particularly modern for the period, Madeleine attracts and fascinates, always fully maintaining the mystery. Independent above all, she seduces with her distinction and her wise journalistic advice.

At a time when women had no place in the spotlight, Madeleine acted in the shadows to achieve her goals.

Jo collection

Jo is Josephine, the second oldest of Doctor March's four daughters. She gets along with Meg, fights regularly with Amy and protects the timid Beth. But deep inside, Jo only thinks about one thing: being passionate about reading since she was little, nothing will stop her from being a writer.

Suzanne collection

Inspired by Jean Giraudoux's heroine, the Suzanne collection is a beautiful invitation to travel. We pull on our knapsack, climb along never-visited paths, go off to discover a jungle overflowing with greenery, meet tropical birds with amazing plumage …

Anna collection

Anna for Anna Karenina, Leon Tolstoy's heroine. A collection that honors beautiful romances and the secret gardens at the nape of a neck.

Gloria collection

Gloria is the story of a strong woman who believed in herself and took her destiny in her hands all by herself. Gloria is a shimmery collection for shimmery women.

Claire collection

With Claire, we can begin dreaming in the middle of a rainy Paris street with no umbrella or skip over damp cobblestones under the gray skies.

Esméralda collection

We hear her in every corner of the French capital, frenetically dancing on the cobblestones of Notre Dame. Esmeralda resonates and radiates, covered with jewelry from head to toe.

Sidonie collection

Sidonie is Sido, the mother of the writer Colette as told through her memories. A mother-dauther story brought together by two hearts.

Henriette collection

Henriette is described by Maupassant as a young woman who is as timid as she is full of desires. Immerse yourself in a country universe, as soft and sensual as our collection, the time for a weekend with friends at Giverny.

She was a beautiful girl of eighteen to twenty years old; one of those women who, when you meet them on the street, awaken a sudden desire in you and leave you, later in the night, with a troubling feeling that disturbs your senses.

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Discover our story Timeless jewels Trends come and go, whereas at Louise Damas our jewels are considered today to make the one you were yesterday happy and surprise the one you’ll be tomorrow. Our collections An ode to feminity and the 1001 women that we are. Our jewels are entirely handmade, and are the fruit of a meticulous savoir-faire, from the custom-made mold to the gilding. The inspiration is everywhere, in a button’s reflection, the character’s strength of a novel heroine or the gait of a woman encountered in the street. Sneak in backstage A jewel that makes light of the rules and that we become attached to. Jewels that have stories to tell and also tell the ones of the women wearing them. Our wish is simple. Propose unique creations to you, jewels from today, that have the charm of the ones from yesterday and that we can all get attached to. The brand Our customizable jewels Because wearing a jewel is wearing your story, we propose to customize your favorite medals and jewels. You will be able to engrave your most beautiful memories, a billet-doux, a date, initials or a first name, your turn now to write your own story. discover Discover our jewels Discover our jewels I customize my jewel https://www.louisedamas.fr/en/le-diner-by-louise-damas https://www.louisedamas.fr/en/behind-the-scenes-of-creation https://www.louisedamas.fr/en/our-customizable-jewels Jo - Large pendant necklace A little book to write your own story Augustine - Bracelet The delicacy and fineness to wear everyday Denise - Hoop earrings The vintage charm that we never get tired of Suzanne - Hoop earrings The immediate and effortless elegance Le dîner Par Louise Damas Trends come and go, whereas at Louise Damas our jewels are considered today to make the one you were yesterday happy and surprise the one you’ll be tomorrow. Collection