Suzanne collection

Inspired by Jean Giraudoux's heroine, the Suzanne collection is a beautiful invitation to travel. We pull on our knapsack, climb along never-visited paths, go off to discover a jungle overflowing with greenery, meet tropical birds with amazing plumage …

Anna collection

Anna for Anna Karenina, Leon Tolstoy's heroine. A collection that honors beautiful romances and the secret gardens at the nape of a neck.

Gloria collection

Gloria is the story of a strong woman who believed in herself and took her destiny in her hands all by herself. Gloria is a shimmery collection for shimmery women.

Carmen collection

Mérimée's beautiful gypsy incarnates the fruit of every desire. With Carmen, we discover flowers, lots of red and sensuality in this collection made in the colors of temptation.

Thalie collection

Her son is called Sun and her daughter Moon. This is the somewhat ordinary story of Thalie who inspired the tale of Sleeping Beauty. A story of fear, of love, of tenaciousness and of dreams …

Esméralda collection

We hear her in every corner of the French capital, frenetically dancing on the cobblestones of Notre Dame. Esmeralda resonates and radiates, covered with jewelry from head to toe.

Callisto collection

Callisto has become a star who illuminates the sky to guide lost souls. We call her the Big Dipper or Great Bear. A story of metamorphosis for a celestial collection!

Lolita collection

Inspired by Vladimir Nabokov's heroine, this collection will awaken the Lolita sleeping in you: neither child nor adult - or a bit of both - young and wild, you know you're beautiful. Right?

Sidonie collection

Sidonie is Sido, the mother of the writer Colette as told through her memories. A mother-dauther story brought together by two hearts.

Claire collection

With Claire, we can begin dreaming in the middle of a rainy Paris street with no umbrella or skip over damp cobblestones under the gray skies.

The collections

Collection Claire

With Claire, we can begin dreaming in the middle of a rainy Paris street with no umbrella or skip over damp cobblestones under the gray skies.

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